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The City of Kenedy is now using Savvy Citizen to communicate with residents.

The City of Kenedy has recently subscribed to Savvy Citizen, a notification system which allows municipalities to easily and effectively communicate with their residents via push notifications, text messages or e-mails.  Savvy Citizen is more than a notification system as it allows the City of Kenedy to keep up to date on community events, helpful information, road closures, alerts and much more.

Available on Android, iPhone/iPad and desktop, residents of Kenedy can choose to receive notifications with push alerts on their smart phone, or they can browse in-app for a full listing of their notifications, alerts and community events.  Those without smartphones can sign up via and select to have text notifications or e-mails sent to them.  Whether it is a road closure, a change in trash or recycling pick up due to a holiday, a fun local event or significant municipal meeting, Savvy Citizen has a complete scheduling system that allows municipalities to communicate with residents of Kenedy.

In addition, when residents sign up for Savvy Citizen for their municipality they are also prompted to sign up for neighboring communities where they may work or play. This enables “non-residents” to receive notifications and events from other municipalities and areas of interest, as well.  Don’t miss out on the next notification from the City of Kenedy. Sign up for Savvy Citizen for FREE via the App Store, the Google Play store, or at