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The city is divided into 3 zones, week one (YELLOW) will be serviced the 1st Wednesday of each month, Week 2 (PINK) will be serviced the 2nd Wednesday of each month, Week 3 (BLUE) will be serviced the 3rd Wednesday of each month
Pre-Arranged Collections. The Service Provider shall pick up and haul Bulky Items, Brush and
Bundles from Single-Family Residential Units once per month, as designed by the Service Provider;
provided, that (i) the Single-Family Residential Units requiring such collections notify the City no later than the end of the Business Day prior to the scheduled collection day, and (ii) the Bulky Items, Brush
or Bundles (A) ate placed at the curbside no later than 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection day, (B)
are reasonably contained, if applicable, and (C) are placed 5 feet from the curb. (D) for Bulky Items,
do not exceed three (3) feet in width by three (3) feet in height by six (6) feet in length and
collection/Loading is manageable by two men, (E) for Brush, must not exceed forty-eight (48) inches
in length or three (3) inches in diameter and (F) for Bundles, do not exceed four (4) feet in length or fifty (50) pounds in weight, and (G) do not contain Construction and Demolition Waste or Excluded Waste. The accumulated total of Bulky Items, Brush and Bundles for any Single Family Residential Unit shall nor exceed four (4) cubic yards per month. White Goods containing refrigerants will not be collected by the Service Provider unless such White Goods have been certified in writing by a professional technician to have had all such refrigerants removed. The Service Provider shall only be responsible for collecting, hauling, and disposing Bulky Items and Bundles from those Single-Family Unitsbulky items, bundles and brush