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Kenedy, originally Kenedy Junction, was established by Mifflin Kenedy in 1886 at the Y Junction of Highway 181 and Highway 72. What started as a humble beginning of a small community with only a railroad junction and hotel, it wasn’t long before Kenedy became the economic center of the area. Kenedy has a rich and colorful history, from earning the nickname “Six Shooter Junction” to being named the “Horned Frog Capital of Texas” in 2000.  Kenedy’s Post office was one of the few post offices to be  part of the New Deal Art Murals; during World War II, Kenedy was home to the Kenedy Alien Detention Camp, that was built to detain single males with alien status, these men were citizens of Germany, Japanese, or Italian descent within the United States or Latin American countries.  Stop by the Kenedy Chamber of Commerce to pick up a map of all the historical markers around the city and experience this rich history yourself!

Historical Markers

Historical Markers are placed all around Kenedy, these take you on a journey through Kenedy’s interesting past. Stop by the Kenedy Chamber of Commerce for a map of all the Historical Markers locations.




“Horned Toad Capital of Texas”

If you happen to be visiting between May and November, make sure you call or stop by the Kenedy Chamber of Commerce to schedule your Toadyville tour.

Old Karnes County Courthouse, Courtesy of Karnes County History Facebook Page

Karnes County Museum
Discover the “way back when” of the once boisterous town of Helena, the Karnes  County Museum offers many interesting artifacts. Explore one of the first homes in Helena, filled with treasures, each holding their own unique story. Also on the grounds is a replica of the original Post Office, built from reclaimed wood of the original, and iron cells from the Helena jail.

Phone:  (830) 780-3210
Location: 8167 N Fm 81
Helena, Texas 78118

Kenedy Alien Detention Camp

A World War II internment camp that was built to detain single males with alien status. These men were citizens with German, Japanese or Italian descent within the United States or Latin American countries.  After the camp was closed and the detainees sent back to their countries of origins or residence the cap was turned into a German and then later Japanese prisoner of war camp. All that remains of the Kenedy Alien Detention Camp are two water towers, the base of the slaughtering house and five detainees graves. There is a Historical Marker placed at the site.

Kenedy Post Office

Kenedy’s Post Office was one  the post offices selected to be a part of the New Deal Art Murals during the Great Depression. You are encouraged to take a glimpse into the past and view “The Grist Mill” mural.

Phone: (830) 583-2119
Location: 223 S 2nd St
Kenedy, TX 78119


Joe Gulley Park

Whether it’s catching a local Ball game, playing a game of basketball/Volleyball, taking the kids to the playground, or paying tribute to the World War II Veterans Memorial, Joe Gulley Park is the perfect place to get a taste of the outdoors. Grab those picnic baskets, and enjoy the nature walking trails.

Joe Gulley Park Disk Golf

We are excited to announce that in August, we will be adding a disc golf course at Joe Gulley Park. Have fun, enjoy the fresh air, and get some exercise with disc golf fun on your own.


Escondido Creek Parkway

The Escondido Creek Parkway Project is an attractive, linear nature-based park with features that allow the community new opportunities to sit, stroll, run, play, and enjoy the outdoors along a waterway full of benefits.

Park Amenities

Splashpad, Skate Park, Pavilion, Amphitheatre, Pump Jack, Windmill, Horned Toad Habitat, Picnic Tables & Grills

Location: 208 N. Sunset Strip, Kenedy, TX 78119

Hours Of Operation: Dawn to Dusk

Splash Pad      Hours Of Operation: 10:00am – 8:00 pm.  



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